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the implementation conditions

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 not strict, "auction" on suspicion of disturbing the market order auction. Second, weak commodity censorship. Under suspicion of knowing, should know, intentional or negligent behavior, etc. to facilitate operating without a license, trademark infringement, false advertising, pyramid schemes, consumer infringement, the implementation conditions. Third, sales behavior management chaos. Including the presence of illegal promotion, publicity and false advertising law, to carry out the highest prize worth more than the legal limit of raffle Premium Sales, providing third-party tr   nike air max 90 hyperfuse ukading platform service process contrary to the wishes of the user attach unreasonable conditions and so on. Fourth, the credit rating flawed. As difficult to verify the authenticity of the user evaluation, the cumulative value of the reference single factor score, score permissions set unreasonable. Five internal staff lax control. For example, the business sector to provide information to law Taobao shop, the staff Taobao shop allegedly leaked in advance to the illegal information."White Paper" also said that after receiving the business sector administrative guidance, Alibaba Group, acknowledged the lack of experience of emerging market management, lack of communication with regulators, said it would take

the initiative to solve problems, improve the relevant measures, legal compliance and to establish and carry out business activities communication mechanism throughout the business sector."White Paper" shows that the time they involve administrative guidance in fact occur in the July 16, 2014, instead of the near future. "A lot of people think that China is not an innovative country, but I do not agree with this point of view, I think that China has completed the greatest innovations in human history." January 28 afternoon, "entrepreneurial country: Israel's economic   nike air max 90 cheapmiracle revelation" author Saul Singh told the media in Beijing reveals the secret behind Israel's economic miracle, but stated his observations of Chinese development path.Saul Singer is "Jerusalem Post" editorial page editor and columnist, has served as foreign policy adviser to the United States for 10 years. He and the US Council on Foreign Relations senior Middle East researcher Dan Seno in 2009 co-authored the "entrepreneurial nation," a book. The book has been translated into Chinese in 2010, and now is still the highest in the Asian economy class books Amazon top of the charts."Israeli venture more than any nation. Every year we have hundreds to thousands of newly established companies. Small startups reached 4000-5000. We have 300

research and development centers, mainly for large multinational service such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, etc. Today, there are more and more large companies outside the United States began to favor Israel. "Singh noted that Israel natural resources, once dependent on the export of citrus, has now realized the innovatinike air max 1 womenson statehood.In 2008, per capita venture capital investment in Israel is 2.5 times the United States, European countries 30 times, 80 times that of China, 350 times that of India. Compared with the absolute, the country has only 7.1 million people in Israel attracted nearly $ 2 billion in venture capital, the equivalent of the UK population of 61 million in venture capital to attract risk capital or the sum total of Germany and France introduced population of 145 million."People often think that innovation is about new ideas, but good ideas are everywhere, and Israel will not more. What really matters is to put these ideas into practical action, which requires the courage to take risks entrepreneurs. "Singh said in this category are few people in any country, even the Israeli entrepreneurs do not like risk, but they

or civil and commercial

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ighest law:Nationwide grave and complicated administrative cases of first instance; the country has a significant impact on the first instance civil and commercial cases; first instance administrative or civil and commercial judgments made by the Higher People's Court refused to accept the ruling and appealed the case; on the High Court made legally effective administrative or civil and commercial judgment, ruled that mediation retrialasics gel kinsei 4 mens    of the case; criminal appeal cases; according to legal powers retrial of the case; fine dissatisfied with the High Court made decision to detain a request for reconsideration of the case; the High Court because of jurisdictional issues submitted to the Supreme ruling or decision of the case; the High Court for approval to extend the jurisdiction limits of cases; civil and commercial cases involving Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and mutual legal assistance cases; think should be tried by the supreme law of the Circuit Court, or in other cases handled. In addition, the Circuit Court also gone through the letters and visits from touring the region matters presented to the Supreme Court.It is understood that

the scope of the case by the Circuit Court of the supreme law is very broad, but the intellectual property, foreign and commercial, maritime, review of death sentences, state compensation, implementation of the case and the Supreme People's Procuratorate protest of the case is still temporarily by the Supreme People's Court in Beijing Part hearing or processing.Circuit Court how ad litemPresident of the incumbent vice-ministerial review committee members as the implementation of the trial judge, the Full Court handling responsibilitySelected in accordance with the "Regulations", the presiding circuit court judge handling the case by the Supreme fronike air max 2015 mensm the ability to highlight the rich experience of the trial the court."Circuit Court in accordance with the requirements of judicial reform, the implementation of a new trial mechanism and management model, especially for independent judicial capacity judge handling capacity requirements are very high." Sun military said selected staff from the situation, one cadre high standard, the Circuit Court Chambers Long headed by a full-time member of the Judicial Committee of the incumbent vice-ministerial level; the second is judicial capacity, two Circuit Court 6 the President, the Vice-President in five has a doctorate of law; the third is a good team

struwin-win cooperation in the new energy system, strengthen investment and financing system innovation, good public diplomacy and other recommendations.On the "Marine Silk Road construction to promote 21st century", the Foreign Affairs Committee, has been to Zhejiang, Fujian and Guangxi, Guangdong, Hainan research. After the "21st Century Maritime Silk Road" major strategic concept proposed initiative planning domestic provinces, as a positive, and strive to play an important role in the overall implementation of the national strategy, and is also faced with new situations and new problems. Foreign Affairs Committee focused on "belt" and "all the way" dovetail construction, strengthen coordination, promote infrastructure interoperability, developing cruise industry and cruise tourism, enhance pragmatic cooperation at sea level suggested by the relevant departments attach great importance.The nike air max thea mensresearch activities focus on negotiation issues and combine together to achieve mutual promotion research and consultation, expand the results of the conversion and utilization, is one of the highlights of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the 2014 work. August 2014, the Foreign Affairs Committee hosted its 17th bi-weekly consultation forum on promoting the "Silk Road economic belt" construction issues need attention discussion exchange. Earlier, the Foreign Affairs Committee has done a lot of preparatory work. At the meeting, 18 members and research-based expert took the floor,

check network problems

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thereby nurturing the core competitiveness of China's rare earth." Said Su Bo . According to reports, SAIC announced on the 23rd trading commodities in the second half 2014 net directional monitoring results, Taobao genuine lowest rate of only 37.25%. For this survey, Taobao posted on its official microblogging Taobao operations after a 80 small two open letter directly named SAIC network monitoring Secretary Liu Hongliang, saying the fake check network problems, illegal blow "Whistle."Many netizens pointed out that, as the largest electricity provider platform, Taobao fakes exist, Amoy Baoying importance to further strengthen and intensify the crackdown, in addition to snike air max 90 saleelling fake goods in the interests of the chain is too entrenched network has been difficult to fake important reason for the ban. Amoy Baoying address the issue of self-correction, as SAIC regulatory authorities should also be online next step up our efforts to ban fake from the source. In order to create a cleaner environment for online shopping, parties are due to their responsibilities.Should face up to the problem and correction"Taobao less fake  Those New Balance, Nike, fakes scary. Some reputable shop or diamond crown, blatantly sale of counterfeits." Netizens "ZKTA" said.Internet users, "Yuan Tokorozawa," said, any kind of game

has its rules. Although Ma said Taobao is not the electricity supplier is a platform, because buyers cheap fakes, but this reason is not able to shirk responsibility and clean. Platform platform operating rules, so what kind of business to enter the platform, and what kind of qualifications, there should be some guidelines. Thus, the proliferation of fake, Taobao itself can not shirk responsibility.Netizens "repetition do research," said Taobao as a platform before businessmen stationed platforms need to be reviewed to avoid some of the sale of counterfeit and businesses regulated commodities stationed platform. Stationed strict supervision, the platform environment just fine.Some netizens believe that in the context of the growing maturity of online shopping, Taobao fake brand development is detrimentalnike air max 1 uk, even Ali Group will also affect the whole, however, will not be easy to solve the problem of fakes.High profits caused by weak regulatory rampant fakesInternet users, "the legendary bully," said where there fakes. This year, go shopping should think this store will not sell genuine mix, not to mention Taobao. Taobao is to rectify, but definitely more than the need to rectify a Taobao.Internet users, "Wang Liyang," said the fake is a social problem, counterfeiting, and selling illegal profits high

and low cost, are some of the main reasons people prefer to take the risk. Fake problem, not only online, the next line is also very common, and in some areas of the crackdown on fake seem weak.Internet users, "Qiao Zhifeng," said the proliferation of fake e-commerce must cross a bridge. Online shopping, there is a shop access strict, inadequate review of product information, sales chaotic behavior management, credit evaluation flawed and many other issues. Similar chaos if not promptly been effectively curbed, e-commerce will inevitably encounter a crisis of confidence.Online and offline Joint StrikeSome analysts pointed out that the era of universal Taobao, innovative platform brings shortcuts also frequently mixed with fake defective. Accept supervision, is owed to the consumnike air huarache uker; procedural justice, respect for entrepreneurs.Internet users, "Fang Xingdong," said Taobao platform should bear the responsibility, through technical means, big data and users complaints and other measures, to cooperate with relevant government departments to maximize solve the problem of fakes. This should be the common responsibility of business, government and society. SAIC as the most direct management of e-commerce should be in-depth exchanges with the mainstream business platform, work closely together to maintain good order in the Internet economy.Internet users, "Wang Pan," said, in addition to strengthening the electronic business platform of regulatory checks and make it

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